Revamp Your Room Paint-Free

Last time we gave you a little insight on how to redo your bedroom (or really any room) using only paint and wall décor, but this time we'll do exactly the opposite; If you want to change the look of your room without the mess and hassle of paint, here are a few of our tips…

Revamp Your Bed

Getting a new bed frame from classy to modern can change your room, but another simple way to make a change is to swap out the comforter set. This is a quick and cheap way to update the color scheme of your room on a tighter budget — look on the sale racks of your local department store to get the best deals!

Switch up the Lighting

Maybe the key to changing your room is as simple as the switch of a light! Exchange your old reading lamp and ceiling fan for something a little bolder, and your entire room will follow its path! If it's a kid's bedroom you're designing, consider a fun floor lamp with some brighter colors. Check out places like Lamps Plus that allow you to design your own lights perfectly customized to your room!

Paint-Free Wall Décor

Mirrors, photos, posters, and wall stickers are a great way to personalize any room (even the rented ones)!  If you're interested in adding color or interesting patterns to your wall that can be removed at any time, check out sites like DecalsTree. Another easy way to plaster memories all over the room (other than adding the obvious framed photos) would be to turn a cherished picture into a poster. Using services like Costco, this can be quickly done easily For an easy-to-make DIY ribbon bulletin board styled to any room you can imagine, check out our guide

Organize It

You'd be surprised how much a simple pickup and reorganization day can change the look of a room! By adding a bookcase to clean up all those miscellaneous magazines lying around, and a desk to hold all the random writing utensils, you can reduce the clutter and create more space.

Most of these tricks apply to all rooms of the house, not just the bedroom, so try them out and let us know how it worked for you…show us your before and after pictures of your room makeover on our Facebook page!

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