The Dakota Collection features traditional craftsman construction, classic wainscoting for timeless appeal and a white finish to contrast or match any children’s bedroom. The Dakota Collection is durable, built to last and eco-friendly featuring solid Hevea Rubberwood frame construction and traditional old world joinery throughout. All pieces feature a non-toxic multi-coat white lacquer finish for lasting beauty. Hevea Rubberwood is an environmentally friendly choice, as the Hevea tree is harvested for it’s latex production. After these trees finish their effective production, they make excellent candidates for long lasting, beautiful and strong furniture pieces. When combined with our designs and processes focused around longevity and heirloom furniture construction, Hevea is one of our top choices for furniture construction. The Dakota Collection is a beautiful, timeless and long-lasting addition to any children’s bedroom. Also see the Olivia and Jayden collections for matching stains, construction and design features.

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