The Perfect Slumber Space

Slumber PartyThe school year is in full swing now, and we know your kids are working their hardest! From school to sports to clubs to bed, they’re sure to be busy. But don’t forget — all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy! Give your kids a break from all the stress by having a slumber party every once in a while! Save the groans, because we know how much of a hassle these things are! Not to fear, with these tips you’ll be able to create a sleepover-friendly room that’s easy to clean up after any mess!

Dakota Sleigh BedOf course the most obvious part to creating a room that’s slumber-ready, a trundle bed or a bunk bed! Doubling up on the sleeping space in the same amount of space as one bed is a must. You can’t go wrong! There’ll always be a use for the extra bed– maybe for a sleepover or maybe Grandma’s in town and had to borrow another kid’s room! We love the Dakota trundle bed for a cute girly look, and the McKenzie bunked is a favorite for the boys!

In an attempt to save your flooring from all the food, liquid, and whatever else they may have in there, get an area rug! They’re a million times easier to clean than carpets, and can be replaced when outgrown. We love this area rug for a sweet girly look, and this one for those active little guys!

Slumber PartyFor the absolute cutest possible accessories you could find for a slumber party, check out these giant Mickey and Minnie stuffed dolls! Four feet tall, they’re sure to make an impression on all your kids’ friends! They’re the perfect guests to any slumber party, as well as a great plush toy to sleep along side.

For those tech-savvy kids with the latest and greatest mp3 players, get a set of speakers for the room! No sleepover’s complete without music! A cute iHome like this will look great in the bedroom all the time, and it does double duty for those slumber party weekends.

Now, clearly no slumber party is complete without the party gear! Stock up on balloons and streamers, and decorate with your kids! It’s an easy way to spend time with them and have fun, so blast some music while you’re at it! When you’re all done, your kids will be excited and ready for their sleepover! Let us know your tips below, and happy slumbers!

Kalei Munsell

Posted by Kalei Munsell

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