A Bedroom Under the Sea

The Little Mermaid (1989) Poster

Every little girl loves mermaids, right? There's nothing like imagining you live in the ocean, can talk to fish, and have a gorgeous long shimmery tail.  Make your little girl feel like Princess Ariel and decorate her room like a mermaid's! Replicate the beautiful colors of the ocean, and the water filled with life. Keep reading to get this look in your bedroom, without getting tacky!

Start off with light aqua blue walls. This bright color will truly make the room pop! If you want to tone down the color, use the blue as an accent wall or paint a white border through them.  We love this color for an underwater theme because it captures the essence of the ocean, but brings a more fun look to it with the greener tones and a whiter wash!

The perfect accent to bright aqua walls is white furniture of course. We've been suggesting this look a lot because it's everywhere in furniture trends! Check out the Dakota Collection for an adorable line of white wood furniture that your girls will love from toddler to teen. Each piece fits in perfectly with the under the sea theme!

In order to keep the room from looking tacky, but like an elegant mermaid theme, find a white flowy comforter cover that your little girl will love. This one would look great with the Dakota collection, and fits in perfectly with the theme because of the girly shell texture! Just add some bright coral and magenta pillows to bring some color in, and the bed is complete!

Because the ocean has an iridescence that can mesmerize anyone, this shimmer has to be incorporated in the bedroom! With glitter wall paint, create freehand strokes across one of the walls. These messy waves of sparkles will give off a cute ocean look, and make it seem more like a mermaid's room!

No mermaid's room is complete without seaweed. Sounds gross, right? Well create a kelp canopy that's anything but gross by loosely hanging sheer green strands from the ceiling centered above your bed and pinning the middle to surrounding walls.  Use as little or as many as you'd like, and the kelp canopy is complete! This unique craft will look amazing against blue and white, and be the center of attention for your little mermaid's friends!

For an easier alternative to the kelp canopy, simply drape sheer green curtains on a bedroom window, picture, or above the headboard of the bed. This also gives a pretty seaweed-esque look without overpowering the rest of the room in green! This one's a little more mature and great for older girls.

Waves? Check. Furniture? Check. Seaweed? Check. Now on to the accessories! Little pearl and clam décor would be adorable in a mermaid bedroom like this! For a finishing touch, find a cute jewelry stand and cover it with pearls (or fake pearls, anyway) for display!

Now that we've given you the complete guide on mermaid-chic décor, let us know what you think about it! If you have any ideas, leave them in the comments below!

Kalei Munsell

Posted by Kalei Munsell

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