Board Game Playroom: Candyland

Board Game Playroom: Candyland

Absolutely everyone knows what Candyland is– it’s the first board game all kids get addicted to! With the bright-tiled trails, sweet candy characters, and adorable candy castles, there’s nothing not to love! At some point, all kids are dying to live in their own Candyland. After all, who wouldn’t love the endless sweets? Our new series, board game playrooms, will have plenty of guides to turn your bonus room into a playful environment modeled after your favorite board games! Starting with Candyland, keep reading so we can show you how to turn any boring play room into this magic board game that everyone will love!

Candy Land Wall ArtworkThe biggest thing to keep in mind while designing this kid heaven: stay creative! If you’re going for it, don’t stop halfway! Paint the walls in a creative way resembling game board tiles or landmarks– it’ll add a bright touch to the room. Check out this blog post we found and photo for a gorgeous wall mural these moms did for their kids’ room! We love all the detail they put into the walls, so make sure to check out the blog post so you can see all the photos they added! If you aren’t the best at painting, but still want this fabulous theme all across your walls, look out for Candyland wall murals that stick on.

For another cute addition to the room, add a game rug! This doubles as spill-proof flooring for when the food and drink come in (or candy), and a super-sized version of the game! Your kids will love to be able to play on this fuzzy rug. This specific one comes with a backpack for carrying the rug around, but it can just be hung on a wall as a decoration for another addition.

Every playroom should have a few little chairs lying around. This is a great place for the family to lounge around on game night, and perfect for snack time. Check out the Dakota Chair for a nice creamy white chair that’ll play up the cutesy decor of your room without overdoing it. To keep the chair a little comfier and cuter, add Candyland pillows and keep a matching blanket around! This set is perfect for the room, and a great way to keep the kids comfortable.

Those of you with younger kids will need a place for their creativity to flow. Our doodle desk is the perfect think space that they can sit and draw all they want in their brightly colored room! For toy overflow, check out the activity desk for extra storage space but the same adorable look.

Ice Cream Bar BenchJust to add an original look to the room, place a few of these gummy bear lamps around. They aren’t made to fit the theme, but they still match without overdoing it. Your kids will love the adorable accessories! Now if you have a bigger budget, top the room off with an over-the-top cute ice cream bar bench. The kids will adore this couch their entire lives at home, and it’ll brighten up any room!

Stay tuned for more board game playrooms until you find the game that your kids love! We think this Candy Land theme is perfect for those cuties with a sweet tooth and bright smiles! Let us know what you think below, or any board game suggestions!

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