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With the stunning opening ceremony, and endless stream of competition, we were inspired to create a bedroom guide fit for those with Olympic dreams! No matter where in the world you live, all the attention is on London for the next few weeks. As each athlete makes their team and country proud by representing their sport, they convey teamwork and pride. We just couldn't miss this opportunity to share with you an Olympic inspired bedroom for those young athletes who dream of one day competing! What better way to encourage those Olympic dreams that having a bedroom to come home to every day with the same modern look? If you want to know how we transferred these legendary games into a bedroom theme, keep reading!{C}{C}{C}

Start off your Olympic bedroom with blank white walls to give it the clean look that the games portray. There's no better way to represent the logo than leaving the walls empty, and ready to be accented. For those who already know which sport they are dedicated to receiving, add Olympic silhouettes in solid black throughout the walls as a sleek personal touch that fits the theme. In addition to this, of course you can't have an Olympic bedroom without the famous rings as a large decal. This will not only add the colors to the bedroom, but it'll solidity the intended theme to all your guests!

Now that your walls are fit for the occasion, you'll need the furniture to match! For the Nara Bamboo Platform bed and the rest of the Nara collection for a modern look to match the sleek theme. This light brown wash of color will bring back some of the paleness from white walls, and give a nice edge to support the sporty theme.

Something a little more creative you can do for your room to add the spotlight feel that every Olympic athlete experiences, is add some flexible LED light strips throughout the room. Whether you line the doorways, or layered furniture, this will be a creative and easy way to brighten up the room. Every visitor will be jealous of the look, and want to steal the idea!

Last but not least, don't forget to accent your room with the primary Olympic colors. Use blue, yellow, red, and green to brighten up dull spaces with lamps and miscellaneous decorating items. With all of this put together, and a color coordinated bed set, you'll have the perfect bedroom for an Olympic dreamer! Let us know who and what you've been following for the London 2012 Olympic games, and whether or not you'd try out this bedroom look!

Kalei Munsell

Posted by Kalei Munsell

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