Pretty Little Bedroom Décor: Emily

Aria's bedroom? Check. Spencer's be/droom? Check. Two pretty little bedrooms down, two to go! For those of you who are too out of your bubble with an edgy vintage bedroom or preppy little-miss-perfect decor, there's Emily Fields' (played by Shay Mitchell) style. She's the most down to earth and athletic out of the girls, and it shows in her room! Nothing stands out, just a balanced look that every girl can relate to. To achieve a room inspired by this lovable swimmer, keep reading! {C}

Emily fields: the kind-hearted star swimmer who doesn't always know what she wants… Her consideration for others is what makes us love the character, but her down-to-earth style is what makes us want to have her room! You can't get away with recreating Emily's room without having her signature desk. We always see her working on her laptop here.

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Although Emily's walls are hard to recreate from scratch (green base molding on her walls), don't let it discourage you! Just divide the top and bottom half of the room with painting tape, paint the bottom half a light green color and the top half a light yellow! This'll give you the same effect as her room, but much cheaper and easier! We love her color scheme of light green and yellow neutrals across the room, so use white accents to bring it out, just like these 3D wallflowers similar to the ones Emily has– they give an adorable girly touch to the room!

Emily and Maya are constantly having girl talks on the bed, and it's hard not to notice her green vase table lamp; one of the bolder things in her room! Being the family girl she is, her nightstand is also filled with framed pictures of cherished memories, this we'll leave up to you!

Last but not least, Emily's always organized! She has her room cleaned to a crisp, so make sure yours is too! Check out our tips for organization, and enjoy your new Emily-fied room! Now that Hanna's room guide is up, check hers out too!

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