Pretty Little Bedroom Décor: Hanna

Hanna Marin (played by Ashley Benson): Little Miss Fashionable. "Hefty Hanna" has left the building because she and her BFF Mona ruled the school with their sleek locks and perfected smirks. If you're a big fan of Pretty Little Liars, you know it's been a long wait to see Hanna's bedroom! She seems to spend all her time in the kitchen (even though we all know how long she can go without a meal)! We've already showed you how to recreate Aria's vintage hideout, Spencer's preppy palace, and Emily's perfect pad— now that her room has finally been revealed, we're dying to show you how to get our favorite fashion queen's look!

Hanna's walls are tricky to replicate. She has a très chic fuchsia feathery butterfly wallpaper, that we just can't find anywhere! For now, here a a couple of the dupes we found– for a more modern look try this pink feather wall mural. It'll catch your visitors off guard for a chic look that'll look amazing on pristine white walls! If you want a more similar approach to Miss Marin's room, check out this flower wallpaper similar to her feathered look. Although it's not exact, it'll give your room the same girly vibe with the right spacing!

Now that Emily's staying in Hanna's bedroom, she actually has two beds! If you've got room to spare, this is a cute way to implement an extra day-bed sort of thing. Just squish a smaller twin bed (or to be more space efficient, a matching bunk bed) towards the window and it'll be a great place to do homework and lounge around during the day, while you'll still have your big comfy bed for sleep at night! Hanna's furniture stands out being white/light pink, so make sure yours does too!

With bedding sets that give a similar feel as her wallpaper, she has a light lilac bedding set like this one. Because Hanna is Miss Fashion Forward, you can't leave the comforter plain and simple like this! Add magenta and pillows with various floral patterns to complete the look of her bed, and appeal to her edgy side.

Don't forget Hanna's low romantic lighting! Instead of using bright lights, fill your desks and night tables with cute lamps and framed photos. Is it just me, or does Hanna's bedroom remind you of Kaylie Cruz's from ABC Family's other hit teen show, Make It or Break It?

Now that we've showed you how to create all the Pretty Little Liar's bedrooms, let us know how yours turned out! Show us before and after pictures on our Facebook page! Tell us below which one of the girls styles fits you best, or which room you want to create.

Kalei Munsell

Posted by Kalei Munsell

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