Pretty Little Bedroom Décor: Aria

If you watch ABC Family's Hit Teen Drama, Pretty Little Liars, you'll know that Aria Montgomery (played by Lucy Hale) has a style that's hard to match! Its vintage, bohemian, and modern all at the same time. Her edgy style is by far the most recognizable from the girls on the show..This unique look is mostly reflected in her wardrobe, but also in her room! To match Aria's classy bedroom, we'll show you how we'd recreate it…

Aria's bed is a dark color and pushed against the wall for a daybed feel, so to replicate this look we've found a nice dark wooden bed with plenty of storage. It's really up to you whether you want to place it in a corner like Aria has it, or center it against a wall…either way, cover it with plenty of vintage looking pillows for a similar look; thrift stores or just your regular bedding store will give you a great variety of pillows to mix and match! Keep the color scheme with deep browns, reds, and plums. Aria also used a gorgeous combo of textures that created an unexpected fashionable edge!

As for Aria's champagne embossed wallpaper, we've found the perfect match for you! Check out this wallpaper for the same look that Aria's room had. The slight metallic look in combination with the textured look gives it an edgy, vintage feel.

The room isn't complete until you have piles of books on the floor, desk, and walls! Mount a few shelves on the walls above your bed, and fill them with your favorites. Since we all know that English is Aria's favorite subject (or is it really that Mr. Fitz is just Aria's favorite teacher??), Aria has a never-ending collection of books in her room, adding to the classy look!

Adding a simple desk is essential for any teenager's room (this one even matches the bed we picked, similar to Aria's). Her desk is filled with flowers, a TV, pictures, and paintings! This time it's your job to match it up– get artsy and create some drawings and paintings, and place them in thick black frames. Instead of brighter lights, place a soft yellow-toned lamp on the desk to keep the lighting low and romantic.

Similar in feel to Bella Swan's bedroom from Twilight, Aria has a walnut colored elegant dresser just like this one. Add a mirror on top for vanity purposes, and it'll look just like hers. Just don't forget her creamy ruffled curtains!

We hope this guide helps transform your room into one that looks just like Aria Montgomery from Pretty Little Liars. If you have a Pretty Little Bedroom, please share it with us on our Facebook page! Get the look for Spencer, Emily, and Hanna's bedrooms too!

Kalei Munsell

Posted by Kalei Munsell

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