How to Find Design Inspiration for Your Bedroom

We've been sharing weekly mood boards for almost a year now. We've only missed a couple of mood board Mondays in that time so there have been a lot of these interior design inspiration boards shared. Mood boards, as we've explained before, are used by designers to convey a "feel" to others. So rather than saying, "here are all of the pieces you need to make a room that looks like this", a mood board says "all of these collective images create the feel or mood I want for this room". The purpose of sharing these weekly mood boards has been to show that there really is no excuse for a lack of inspiration in your home decor. In the past we've drawn inspiration from such off the wall things as ice cream or tax day or bike to work week or even canned cranberry sauce. Think about what you love and turn it into a bedroom decor plan! Here is a giant mood board of many of the mood boards we've done so far.


Then, once you've figured out the mood you are trying to accomplish, you can fill out your room with high quality furniture found here. The designs and decor might change regularly but your furniture should be built to last.

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