Ice Cream Cone Mood Board – Interior Design Inspired by Life

We had a gorgeous weekend here in the Seattle area. It was 60 degrees and sunny – very unusual for us this time of year – and people were joyfully eating ice cream cones in street. We know that some other parts of the country are currently experiencing freezing cold weather and you have our sympathies and our warm thoughts. This week's mood board is inspired by a delicious ice cream cone.


The soothing combination of white and tan work to maximize the light in your room. That can be oh so important on gray winter days. Frequently seen in Scandinavian design, this color combination also works really well with very clean modern lines. This is a great decor choice for kids, teens or adults.

White Seneca 5-Drawer Dresser

Our Seneca dresser in white would be a good option for this design.

ngoc cao

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