Canned Cranberry Sauce Mood Board – Holiday Decor Inspired by Real Life

For our latest interior design mood board we took inspiration from the polarizing holiday garnish, canned cranberry sauce. The vibrant red and silver and gray color combo really works well in a bedroom. It evokes the holidays but it can easily be your bedroom decor for the whole year too.

Whether or not you prefer your cranberry sauce to slowly slide out of a can and have those ridged lines or if you prefer a homemade sauce, the sight of it makes you think of Thanksgiving. It’s a great time of year that is all about family and coziness and so why wouldn’t you want to bring more of that into your bedroom design. In our mood board we use the color scheme of canned cranberries and turn it into a clean and modern room design that is also a bit cozy and rustic.

Canned Cranberry

Our Pacifica Collection would go beautifully with this cranberry holiday decor.

Pacifica Collection

The Verona Collection would also bring in some of that cozy Thanksgiving feel

Verona Collection

Thanks for checking out our latest mood board. Have a wonderful holiday! Check in on our Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals.

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