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To conclude our Spring trend series just in time for the lovely season, we're finishing off with the fresh green and orange trend. Although it may rub you the wrong way at first, these two colors will look great together when we're done with them! This combination may bring back a more retro feel, but done the right way it can still look 100% modern. Trying out this look will put you in the trendsetter mode for this Spring, so get started decorating! For a few simple tips on creating a unique bedroom from these two colors, keep reading!

Get started by picking either color to be your base. With this base color you'll want to keep things a little less vivid so this can be brought out with the accent color. Pastels are always a great way to go, especially with this spring trend! Another classy way to go about this stand out trend is by using a basic white wall to set the stage for your bright scheme. This is a great way to bring out the colors even more, so this is a great method to try out!

To accent your choice of wall color, chocolate brown is the way to go. Whether it's the spotlight on a white, green, or orange wall, it'll do the trick! Our personal favorite furniture collection to use? The Modeno. It's sleek modern style is the perfect way to give this bold room a mature look.

While looking for bedspreads and decorations, be sure to remember that while green and orange may be the theme, there should still be neutrals in the palette! This will balance out the crazy colors and give the room a calmer feel. If you've decided to go with a white wall and still want to lighten the mood, check out this bedspread we found! It's vibrant colors will look stunning against the deep brown stained furniture and basic white walls!

Keep an eye out for key decorating pieces for your bedroom that fit the green/orange/white theme! Finding funky bright orange lamps like this one are a great way to spice up the room. For a statement piece that'll stand out against all your brights, create a four piece canvas collage of your own memories in black and white to stand out!

We hope a few of these ideas inspired you to try out this crazy sounding trend! Your friends will soon catch on to this Spring 2012 trend, so get started soon and leave your ideas below!

Kalei Munsell

Posted by Kalei Munsell

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