Spring 2012 Home Decor Trends

Seems like yesterday we were sharing our winter decor trends with you, but spring is about to arrive! Instead of waiting for these styles to hit full popularity, we always seem to spill the secrets a little early so you can be one of those trendsetters. From the rainy days to gorgeous blooming flowers, who doesn’t love spring? If you get over the harsher allergies, it’s a gorgeous transitional season from these cold and breezy winter months to the sweating summer months! 

To kick things off for our upcoming trends, we’ll start with the predictable but never questionable spring florals! Our favorite flowers pop up every year outdoors, and seem to do the same in style! This year, take things up a notch by bringing the entire garden theme indoors! Instead of using safe floral patterns, try mixing things up by using materials you would normally pick for patio furniture. Create a stunning kitchen chandelier from a standard wrought iron gate, or use your standard garden gnome to bring your boring shelves to life.

Bright and bold peacock pattern is another style that we see in home decor rising. This has been a fashion trend for the past few months, but we’ll see the bright colors and style in homes all over beginning this spring! From the luxurious teals and bronzes to elegant feathery accents incorporated in this look, there are a million ways to bring this into your rooms! Start off with jewel toned accessories and slowly make your way to the bolder side of this trend.

Parisian vintage is another classy style that will continue to surface through the spring months. It’s beautifully scripted look to it’s timeless feel will look great in any household. Popular with the younger and older generations, you can’t go wrong. It has a girly feel to it that can make anyone feel instantly at home. French antiques will look amazing on your classic wood furniture (the Verona collection captures the look perfectly). Crystal chandeliers and thin candles will also do the trick when slowly implementing this theme into your home.

Last but not least, the retro combination of green and orange is making a comeback. The fresh vibrance both of these colors bring into a modern room can’t help but brighten anyone’s mood, so try it out! Picking chic green decorations with bright orange and bronze accents will look absolutely stunning, and bring out the sunshine in preparation for the warmer months! This is a trend that’s easy to achieve, and decor is 100% up to you!

If you’re dying to try any of these trends we mentioned, or another trend you’ve heard of, let us know in the comments below! We love to hear what you think!

Kalei Munsell

Posted by Kalei Munsell

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