Get Graphic: Expert Tips for Incorporating Bold Prints Into Your Bedroom

The essential guide for decorating your home from your huge kitchen to your imperial bedrooms. Get tidbits on how to paint and incorporate color in every inch of your suburban home. Plus find inspiration from the three-color rule!


Three-Color Palette Rule

Well, it's not really a rule necessarily, but more of a recommendation. Sometimes too many colors can be a brain tickler. And, actually, the idea of using too many colors is terrible but not using enough color is worse. Keep that in mind. suggests using Triadic schemes, where colors are equally spaced around the color wheel. But be sure not to use equal amounts of them in your design scheme. Consider a 60/30/10 differential. Tiger Color has a great example of the distribution of the three-color rule. Imagine a man's business suit: 60 percent is the pants and jacket 30 percent is the shirt and 10 percent the tie.

How do you incorporate graphic-bold prints into your bed and bath? Consider adding these classic touches:

  • Mosaics: Repetitive patterns are bold and intense and add character and movement to your space. Whether woven subtly into a blanket or a beautiful glass mosaic design, this style can get your creative juices flowing, and you can add some true originality into your bedroom. Try researching online a little before purchasing in-store — like with online department stores, and the use of online classifieds like — to save time and money. Internet shopping tends to have great sales and free shipping offers.
  • Blankets: Travel often inspires artisans to develop a unique view on interior design. Toss a bold tribal printed or Mexican-vintage blanket onto the end of the bed and see your room immediately transform into a new place. Bold and bright or deep and mysterious with new life and energy. In addition to the comfort factor, don't underestimate the coolness ofmemory foam mattresses and oversized bean bag chairs!
  • Rugs: If you have bold colors on your walls and/or bedding, pop a graphic rug in neutral colors underneath to add texture, warmth and interest. It won't take long before your room begins to feel new and fresh. These simple additions (one at a time) will add personality to your otherwise drab room. Try not to add too much of a bright and bold rug because your room can just feel cluttered, which, in turn, can give a person anxiety and a cluttered mind. Save the busy detailed pieces for a more active room in the house — possibly your office, breakfast nook or playroom.
  • Art: Whether you add a vintage poster to your wall or an angular lamp, adding pieces of art to your bedroom adds essence and vitality. Whether it's a painting that offers movement as in a classic Van Gogh, a Monet piece of Impressionism, a Georgia O'Keeffe flower image, or an Ansel Adams landscape, art gives a room renewed energy and soul that's special to you.
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