Three Eco-Friendly Flooring Options for the Home

The environment is under threat. Global warming, deforestation, and mass pollution are all major threats. So what exactly does it have to do with you? Well, everything. Everything you purchase has an impact on the environment. Linoleum flooring uses a plastic coating which came from the products made by the cracking of crude oil extracted from the ground.

Consider your choice of flooring and you’ll probably realize the environment wasn’t something you took into account. But there are a number of eco-friendly flooring options available to you right now. And they aren’t expensive.

1.  Bamboo

Bamboo is a strong biological fiber which can easily take the weight of humans. It’s why bamboo is an increasingly popular flooring option. Importing bamboo expends a lot of energy, which is a concern, but it remains an eco-friendly renewable resource. Just make sure the flooring you buy has no formaldehyde by looking for the FSC certification.

Bamboo in the home works especially well. Use it to create an outdoor terrace with a twist. It feels good underfoot and the texture is always a topic for conversation. Moreover, it’s easy to repair at home.

 2.  Real Linoleum

Although we’ve already mentioned linoleum is a poor flooring option, this is only the case in many of the commercial linoleum products available today. It isn’t a natural blend of linoleum.

Real linoleum, on the other hand, only uses renewable and recycled materials. It’s a complicated process. The main ingredients are cork dust, linseed oil, ground limestone, pigments, wood flour, and tree resins. After blending these ingredients together, they all go on to a jute backing. Press it all down and it makes natural linoleum.

The main benefits of linoleum flooring are its easy to clean, you can recycle it, and it can come with a variety of patterns. These benefits make it an ideal eco-friendly flooring choice for kitchens and bathrooms.

 3.  Wood

Wood is a classic flooring option with many positive qualities. At first glance, you might wonder how wood can possibly be a good flooring option. Surely it comes from trees which were recently chopped down, right? It’s true most wooden flooring comes from trees which were just brought down. There are other wood flooring options, however.

Look for the Forest Stewardship Council certification on the wood. This means it comes from sustainable forests where for every tree knocked down another one was planted in its place. An even better option is to buy a floor made from reclaimed and salvaged wood.

Stay away from formaldehyde or any of the other nasty chemicals used to preserve the wood. You can still protect your floor using sealers and cleaners which don’t harm the environment.

Wood is such a good option because it can work in any area of the home. It’s why wooden cabins have always been popular with Americans. Just make sure you regularly clean and treat your floor to keep it in good condition.

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