Summer 2013 Home Decor Trends

The sun is up, the sky is blue, and Summer is in full swing! Now that those rainy Spring days have come and gone, it's time to brighten up the house with some new Summer home décor trends. We've looked high and low for the best up-and-coming styles to decorate your home, and came up with this list to share with you! From the bright eye-popping colors to the heavy metallic finish, you'll see these trends popping up all over the place in the next couples months. In order to make a splash this summer with your trend-setting home décor styles, keep reading to get the skinny on our favorites!

Color Blocking TableThe first trend we've come accross several times on the search for the latest and greatest in home décor is actually a twist on last year's hottest style– color blocking! Rather than the classic color blocking look of a few colors simply stacked on top of eachother with a very rectangular, 2-D style, this year you'll see more creative geometric patterns incorporated into the look. Instead of shopping for items with a color-blocked pattern already incorporated, make it your own by creating a one-of-a-kind masterpiece! Check out this table setting we found that uses solid colored items to create a unique color-blocking look chalk-full of interesting geometric shapes! By creating your own color blocking look, you'll be able to match the colors to the rest of your home with complete customization, as well as use the trend in any area of the house.

If color blocking isn't your style, or your looking for another way to amp up the summer look in your home, look for freeform blown glass items this season. You've surely seen them before, maybe at a flea market or a local furniture boutique, handblown glass vases and dishes give a unique and quirky look to a common household item. These glass masterpieces usually come in brighter colors to bring out the summer mood, but also avoid harsh lines and edges in the design. Shop around for unique pieces that match the color and feel of your home, and place them on display around the house to bring out the best of summer!

One of the other more interesting looks we ran across on our search was the incorporation of heavier metallic items in the home. This trend really caught our eye because it was something so unique that we hadn't seen before! To welcome this look into your own home, look for furniture or accessories that have a gold silver or bronze finish to them. This can range from a bedside table to a lamp, and everything in between! You'll be surprised how much this cool-toned piece will brighten up the room and give it a new modern twist in contrast to your current décor, so give it a shot!

As for those trendy Summer colors to incoporate in your home, you guessed it, go bright or go home! The biggest color we've been seeing in home decorating this season has been yellow. Yellow has enough energy to make any room shine, especially during the summer to reflect those golden sun rays we wait all year for! Of course you never need to go all-out with these trendy colors, just using them as an accent is enough of a statement and is usually the most classy way to utilize the shades. If electric yellow isn't your thing, look into a retro lime green or a soft robin's egg blue. Furniture that looks amazing with all of these bright colors tends to have a darker finish to them, so look for nicely structured pieces made of Radiata wood to really make things pop. All of these colors bring out the best in eachother when put together, or have the ability make an entire room pop on their own!

We hope some of you have been inspired by the trends we've picked up on, and would love to see your take on the look! Post pictures to our Facebook page or leave us a comment below, and happy summer!

Kalei Munsell

Posted by Kalei Munsell

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