Featured DIY: Geometric Photo Wall Art

All the frequent visitors of our blog should already know that we love to share unique DIY crafts for our viewers to try out when decorating their homes, but now we want to put the spotlight on other bloggers! We're going to start up a Featured DIY series, so every once in a while when we come across an idea we love, we can share it with all of you! Of course we'll link back to our favorite crafty blogs so you can browse through other ideas too. For our first Featured DIY, we found this gorgeous geometric photo wall collage that's completely unique! This project looks like something you'd find at a vintage decor shop, but it's homemade and anyone can do it! Check out the blog post here to get the complete instructions on this DIY, or browse through A Beautiful Mess for even more creative ideas. Let them know we sent you, and try out this retro project for an added pop of color on your walls!

Kalei Munsell

Posted by Kalei Munsell

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