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With The Hunger Games Trilogy as popular as it is today, there was no way we were gonna skip out on this creative room makeover guide! Of course there wasn't a specific bedroom in the books or movie that completely inspired a bedroom look, but for this guide we'll take all the elements of the story into consideration and create one masterpiece. With this guide, you'll be able to create a bedroom that even Katniss Everdeen, Girl on Fire, would be jealous of! For this first bedroom guide, we're showing you how to create a bedroom based off the Mockingjay and everything Katniss and her district stand for, but stay tuned for a Capitol inspired bedroom too!

For a bedroom to be truly Hunger Games-esque, you'll want to start with a neutral wall color. Whether this be white, gray, black, or any neutral tone in between, it'll all work out in the end for your Mockingjay theme! In the crazy forest of the games, there were no neon walls or modern brights, so keep things neutral as much as possible with the wall color itself. Now to add some true Hunger Games flair, find a wall sticker like this one of something like a Mockingjay pin so your theme is clear to everyone! This wall sticker will grab every visitors attention and instantly tie the entire room together, making the theme obvious but not too flashy.

Now that your walls are complete, it's time to fill the room with your necessities– furniture of course! With a theme like The Hunger Games, you want to stay away from modern furniture with sleek edges and opaque colors. Instead go with a more natural finish of wood, and rounded or vintage styles. Check out the Verona Collection for the perfect balance of sultry and natural. These pieces make it perfect to match the same vibe as the movies.

For the perfect touch of Katniss Everdeen bedding, without being to in-your-face Hunger Games, pick a sheer orange/black bedding set to keep the tone of flames. This gives your room the fiery vibe that you want, without having a tacky print clutter up your bed sheets. For an even more dramatic look that'll give your room a girlier feel while still adding to the flame theme, check out this sheer red canopy. This draped over other fire-toned color bedding will give a gorgeous look to your room while still keeping the natural vibe of The Hunger Games. Even Katniss would be jealous of this stunning bed set up!

Now that you have the basics of your bedroom fit for the Girl on Fire herself, accessorize how you want! Add some edgy frames with the same color scheme to bring out more red and orange accents, or use a plain old cork bulletin board for the natural side of things. Let us know how your Mockingjay bedroom turns out, and may the odds be ever in your favor.

Kalei Munsell

Posted by Kalei Munsell

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