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A great bedding set up for your kids not only consists of that sturdy wood bed frame that you spent months deciding on, and the adorable duvet covers you always wished you had when you were their age, but also the nightstand and accessories in all their glory. You might not think much of this little accessorizing furniture, but it does make a huge impact on the whole look! No matter how cute and clean the bed looks, it can all be brought down by a messy nightstand! Well instead of the classic table lamp that occupies the little space you have to work with, we found a few creative lamps that'll brighten up the room, while still looking great!{C}Before you can decorate with these creative lamps/displays, you have to have the perfect nightstand! Of course you want it to match the exisiting furniture, so we'll give you few of our favorite options for all different color schemes. If you're looking for a nightstand to match white wood or a pastel scheme, check out the Dakota Nightstand (featured above)! The combination of it's shape, size, and color make it stand out against any wall, and give an adorable look to the room! If the wood in your room is darker, or you want a more contrasting tone for your kid's room, Gabriel Hardwood Nighstand. This is a great piece for those rooms that need a more coffee-toned nightstand. Last but not least, if you're looking for a nighstand with that classic birch finish, check out the McKenzie Hardwood Nightstand— It's the perfect complimentary tone for any kid's bedroom, and gives the entire room a picture perfect feel.

For our first nightstand idea to light up your bedroom, check out the Twilight Turtle! If you haven't heard of it yet, the Twilight Turtle is a cuddly loveable pillow with a hard shell that glows. The coolest part about the shell, is that it actually projects stars on your ceiling! This is a great way to make any kids room more fun than it already is, and give their nightstand a unique twist! If your kids need a nightlight to sleep, this is an even more fun alternative! By night this turtle acts as the perfect amount of light to keep them from tripping for those late-night bathroom breaks, and during the day it's an adorable turtle perfect for occupying your nightstand!

For another great nighstand idea, make your own silhouette lamp shade! This is a little more of a mature idea for kids, but they can customize the shapes that are inside, making it all the more fun! This great DIY project is super easy to do, so have your kids help out! We love to share these quick little DIY ideas with you, because they're so inexpensive and easy to do. Let us know how yours turns out if you try it!

Last but not least, for a more sophisticated glowing lamp that'll last years to come, check out the J Schatz Egg Lamp! This designer lamp not only projects images around the room, but it gives a unique glow that we've never seen before. Each of these lamps that we've showed you will dress up your nightstand and brighten the room in a creative manor that any kid will love!

Kalei Munsell

Posted by Kalei Munsell

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