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Having a bedroom just like Andy from Toy Story is great, but maybe your little guy is more of a Buzz Lightyear kind of kid. If so, here's how to put together a bedroom fit for the Space Ranger of Star Command himself!{C}

Every space-ranger's room is decorated with a dark blue/bright green/white color scheme– Star Command common knowledge! Add glowing stars to the ceiling and walls to create a perfectly stellar effect.  They add to the Buzz Lightyear feel, and they can be used as a reward! If your little Space Ranger likes to put up resistance before sleep time, make him earn his stars and add one for every smooth take off.  It's a great way to decorate a room together and start a good habit at the same time!

If your room is for just one Junior Space Ranger, a loft bed is the way to go! It gives them an elevated area for sleeping, and underneath is the perfect study and play area. These are great for saving space, but if your Space Command is double size, consider bunk beds! Find some Star Command comforters, and your beds are good to go!

laura weaver

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