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We all start the school year perfectly organized, and ready to learn *cough* but naturally, as the year moves on, we lose the desire to work and be prepared. (Personally, I can measure this by how messy my desk, room, and backpack are!) However, we think this year’s gonna be different and we’ve got some great advice on how to start the new school year off on the right foot!

The first back to school lifesaver — a desk! A good student is definitely going to need a place to do homework that’s peaceful and quiet, if there are noisy siblings around, a desk in the student’s room is an absolute necessity.  A nice standalone desk with storage is great if you have the space, but if not, try out a loft bed! It’s the best space saver for any child’s bedroom, and some even come with dressers attached! Our loft beds can be personalized with sliding corkboards and pegboards to keep even more things from becoming a mess.

Of course, a desk alone won’t do the trick when you lose track of everything inside… From experience, we know what a hassle it is to stay organized, but here are a few things we picked up to prevent the abyss of papers! Meet your new best friend — the desk organizer. One like this that sits on top of your desk is great for all those things you use every day, like sticky notes, pencils, and paperclips! And a quick tray like this one will help separate and organize homework.

If the student you’re shopping for just can’t study without music, check out desk accessories like this one.  Disguised as a cute, pink lamp, it also features a built-in iPod speaker, and gives room for study utensils!

Large, open drawers are the #1 public enemy of organization. As hard as you try to keep everything in its own spot, your stuff still gets swallowed up. If this sounds like a drawer you have in your house, get a drawer tray.  They’re cheap and you can find them almost anywhere! You’d be surprised at how much of a difference these simple dividers can make.

We hope these tips help you keep yourself organize during the school year… If you have any more good tips or advice to share, please post your comments on our Facebook page!

Kalei Munsell

Posted by Kalei Munsell

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