Charlie and the Chocolate Bedroom

We all know and love the classic Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, but the 2005 remake had a certain style that was too hard to pass up as a bedroom design! As usual, Tim Burton directs with a uniqueness that gives the entire film a recognizable style and inspired us to create a bedroom guide to match! Play up his bright coloring and odd angles in the bedroom to design an eye-catching decor that’s sure to make your friends stop and stare. To get the playful look created in Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory to fit seamlessly in your bedroom, keep reading!

Willy Wonka’s factory has the perfect balance of the deep brown chocolate and bright vivid colors that make it so attractive to the eye. We want to create the same look with the bedroom by balancing out the bright decor with nothing other than chocolate colored furniture. The deep brown wood will look amazing and stand out brilliantly against bright greens, oranges, reds, whites, and other candy color favorites. Check out the Seneca collection for the perfect set of furniture for your kids room with the rich milk chocolate stain to the wood. When your kids outgrow the theme and want a change, this furniture set will still hold up through a million new ideas and changes!

Of course the walls should stand out against the room, but we want to be careful about overdoing the theme. Keep things muted enough so the kids won’t get tired of it fast, but still bright and fun to capture the Willy Wonka attitude! Try using stripes on a wall to bring out the candy look, or use stencils to create the Willy Wonka factory logo! If you aren’t one for painting the walls, look for wall decals that fit the theme, or posters to hang! Line the walls of the room with this cute candy cane fence for another quick accessory that packs a big punch!

To add a unique depth to the room featuring Charlie and the Chocolate Factory props, find a simple shadow box and paint over it in neon colors or with candy designs. You can also drape fabric across it to give it the creative look that Willy Wonka is all about. Fill the shadow box with the TV Room Goggles featured in the movie, any true fan will recognize instantly! This quirky addition to the bedroom will not only give a more 3-D effect to the walls, but with the right paint job will quickly be the center of attention!

Going along with the draping effect we mentioned earlier, finding bright fabrics and hanging them from odds and ends in the bedroom will add to the candy factory look! The draping creates new shapes in the room, so this is a cheap way to decorate with a dramatic effect.

There is a lot within the movie, the limitations are your imagination and craftiness. Anyone could easily create an amazing bedroom with this theme, for any age at all! For the younger kids you want to focus on vibrant colors and more candy/movie themed decor. For teens, a great way to go is focusing on unique shapes, patterns, textures, and fabrics found in the movies! Good luck with your Charlie and the Chocolate Factory themed bedroom!

Kalei Munsell

Posted by Kalei Munsell

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