Board Game Playroom: Twister

Board Game Playroom: TwisterWho doesn’t love a good game of Twister? The bright colors, simple rules, and twisted poses, make it a game that no one can refuse! If you’re kids love the game as much as we expect, here’s a guide for a fun playroom themed after Twister. We’ve given you tips on creating a Candyland, and Mouse Trap room already, so this will conclude our Board Game Playroom series! For your very own Twister playroom filled with endless laughter and those signature polka dots, keep reading!

The thing about Twister that makes it so fun and unique, bright colors on simple white background! We love the idea of this simple scheme with bright primary dots, and this is easy to replicate in any room! White walls with white furniture is a great trend right now, and it’s perfect for the playroom! Check out the Dakota Collection for a great selection of white furniture that’ll look great with white walls and a Twister theme! For a bold pop that works perfectly for our theme, use a primary red, green, blue, or yellow as the carpet color! This unexpected addition will look amazing!

Now for the fun part, the polka dots! You don’t have to go with the classic green, yellow, blue, and red rows of dots. Instead, mix it up! Check out these primary colored wall stickers that will give the same effect, but in a cutesy messy way!  These bright dots will pop against the white walls, and keep the white furniture from being too bland!

Board Game Playroom: Twister

For a fun ceiling fan to add some color, check out this one! It’ll keep the playroom cool during those warmer months, and be a great addition! The kids are sure to love it’s building block style with the bright colors, and it matches the wall stickers perfectly. You can’t go wrong with this adorable addition!

Of course, every playroom needs a clock. Maybe someone’s in a time out, or just learning how to tell time. Either way, check out this fun one! It’s bright snowflake style with colored ornaments on the end is just adorable, and you can’t go wrong in a playroom like this– it’s sure to stand out against white walls!

Last but not least, to conclude this brightly colored playroom…everyone needs a desk with room for storage! Your kids are going to need plenty of place for their many toys and board games, so here’s the perfect one. This storage desk is a great place for snack time, study time, play time, or just storing games in! It’s a neutral color that won’t overpower the rest of your decor, and it’ll work perfectly for what you need!

That was the last of our board game playroom series, so let us know what you thought! Tell us your favorite theme in the comments below, and give us suggestions for future posts! 🙂

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