Board Game Playroom: Mouse Trap

Mouse TrapSo maybe Candyland isn’t your kid’s favorite game, but instead your little one has the colorful makings of an engineer. If so, we have the right idea for you! To continue our board game playroom series, we’re thinking outside the box, and putting it all together for one big Mouse Trap! This brightly colored classic is sure to make a great impression on your kids, and a room to match is a million times better. Keep reading on for our crafty tips on turning your drab playroom into a fortress of creative obstacles and hiding places!

Working backwards, start with the end of the game. The red basket that traps the mouse is perfect for a floor lamp with the same bright colors! This is great for the corner of the room to add a more playful look, and is extremely functional too. Try using a yellow floor lamp like this one and add a red lamp shade for the top and get the same look! Keep a white chair nearby and it can be used for reading or snacks!

Carrying the theme forward, you probably don’t want a bright red bathtub hanging in the room, or primary blue stairs that lead to nowhere, so here are a few new crafty tricks to replace these tackier decorations. Take an old Mouse Trap game board that you don’t want anymore, and mount it on a wall! The top of the board game case would work for this perfectly too, and give a great 3D effect! This is a great way to replace wall art with something that the kids will like too.

Mouse TrapAlthough this theme can get tacky pretty easily, that’s okay because that’s the point! The kids will actually like the crazy theme, so don’t be afraid of it. Check out a few of these peel and stick cheese wall decals to add a cute touch to the room, and stick to the theme!

This little doodle desk is perfect for occupying the kids on a rainy day, and looks great with the Mouse Trap decor! It’s blue rims are adorable in any room, and it’ll help out your kids on those days with lots of homework or when they just want to sit and draw!

For the final touch, keep a corner of the playroom open for your furry pal, but instead of trapping the little fur ball, let your warm-cuddly snore away all day in this comfy sleigh bed for dogs (or cats, or even mice)! The bright colored cushions are great, even for a room as bright as this!

We hope you liked our crazy game decor ideas! Keep checking back for more board game room decor, and leave us suggestions in the comments!

Kalei Munsell

Posted by Kalei Munsell

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