A Twi-Hard’s Guide to Bella Swan’s Bedroom

Calling all Twi-hards! Yes, I’m talking to those of you who obsess over Edward, Bella, Jacob or any of the Twilight, New Moon, and Eclipse movies! Regardless of whether you’re Team Edward or Team Jacob, we know you’re a big fan of Bella’s, so we’re gonna show you how to make your room look just like hers!


Start with the walls. Bella’s room is painted a vibrant turquoise blue-green color. We’ve found the perfect match for you… Bella’s room is also covered with photos of her family and friends pinned to the walls, and miscellaneous posters. Try out a framed bulletin board like this for a cleaner look, but still with the same cluttered memory feel. It matches perfectly with the rest of her room, and the framing gives it an edgier feel.

Don’t forget Bella’s eye-catching room lanterns! The dim light they give off seems to make the room unique, so this is a must-remember detail. Get a variety of muted colors to match the walls, but still add a vibrant flair.

Get a bed set made to look just like Bella’s. Her intricate gray-purple comforter won’t be mistaken! Then complete the look with a wooden bed frame like this that has an outspoken headboard and an antiqued feel.

Bella kept a wood dresser in her room that looked just like this one! It had the same worn feel, and the medium wash, and it matches this desk similar to Bella’s.

Last but not least, fill your room with simple desk organizers, personal photos, and books to make it feel just like Bella Swan’s.

Kalei Munsell

Posted by Kalei Munsell

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