A Little Paint Goes a Long Way

Sometimes all a room needs for an entirely new look is a little paint. But wait – no groaning yet — this doesn't always mean a complete repainting! Read on for short and simple tips and tricks on how to use paint to compliment your existing room!{C}

Painting to Make a Small Room Seem Larger

  • Light colors create the effect of a larger space, so keep this in mind
  • Cool colors (blues, greens, etc.) can also make a space seem larger while warm colors (reds, yellows, etc.) will do the opposite
  • Paint the ceiling the same color, or one shade lighter so it isn't broken up
  • Paint a sky on the ceiling (or a pale blue)
  • Extend the wall color about 4-5 inches up onto the ceiling visually making the walls seem taller
  • Matte paint makes the color more soft and light for increased visual space
  • Mirrored wall decals reflect light

Use Matching Color Schemes

  • Matching paint to wood/metal (shading)- find the paint sample strip that matches your wood/metal perfectly, then use the parent color to determine which paint you desire for your walls
  • Matching paint to wood/metal (contrasting)- find the opposite of the parent color, or most browns contrast with cool colors while most metals contrast with warm colors
  • Matching paint to art or fabric- this is a good way to find a color you're fond of. Do this with paint strips or digitally use a color sampler to find your perfect match
  • Color schemes can be adjusted separately per room

Try Partial Painting/Wall Designs

  • Create geometric patterns with clean lines by painting in between strips of painters tape
  • Use wall stickers or wall decals that can be removed or customized to your taste
  • Think artistically and free-hand a painting or design

Which one of these techniques will you use to you give yourself a DIY room makeover? Find us on Facebook and tell us what you've tried!

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