Your Favorite Pair of Jeans Mood Board – Bedroom Decor Inspiration

So by now you all have a pretty good understanding of mood boards right? We've shown how to draw inspiration from a time period with a Gatsby mood board. We've taken our styling in a whimsical direction by falling into the rabbit hole with an Alice in Wonderland mood board. And last time we simply wanted our bedroom to make us feel the same way that drinking a pumpkin spice latte does.

This latest mood board is meant to evoke the feeling of your favorite pair of jeans. This bedroom decor is all about that well worn, broken in, feeling that you get from that denim that seems to have been crafted just for your body. Why would you wear anything else? And why wouldn't you want your bedroom to give you that same feeling? With this look you can go for white furniture (to represent the white t-shirt) like this Alta dresser that is currently on sale. Or you can go with dark wood (like this Pacifica collection)that mimics the leather belt and boots that you'd wear with your jeans.


As always, we hope this inspires you to redecorate. We'd love to see what you do with this idea!

ngoc cao

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