Quick Tip Tuesday: Picking Paint Colors

When repainting a room, it's tricky to pick the color that'll look right in your specific space. Pick up a few paint swatches that you're interested in, and first compare those. When you take home the swatches, compare them once again against the wall in the room you want to paint because the lighting and space is likely much different than inside the store. After picking a couple favorites among the swatches, go back to the store and pick up a couple samples. These small paint samples are a cheap way to test out the colors you like in a real situation! If you don't want to paint the walls themselves, paint a large Styrofoam board and hold it up to the wall in different areas to get the same feel. Check the paint patch on the wall several times during the day, because lighting does change drastically! When you've found a color you're comfortable in all lighting and times in your room, you'll know which color's right for you!

Kalei Munsell

Posted by Kalei Munsell

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