10 Household Uses for Baking Soda

It's been a while since we shared some DIY home recipes, that'll make your life easier by taking products and ingredients you already have lying around the house, and turning them into alternatives for commercial products. We love these recipes because they're cheap, easy, and so much more satisfying to use! Today we're focusing on baking soda– everybody has it, but there are just so many possible uses that remain unknown! Here are just a few of the many uses that this everyday product has.

  1. Brass Cleaner: Make your brass accessories look shiny and new by cleaning them with a wedge of lemon first sprinkled with baking soda– this will provide a gentle abrasion for cleaning.
  2. Remove Sticky Residue Left Behind By Stickers & Labels: Mix with water to make a paste then rub gently onto the residue. Wipe off with a warm wet cloth.
  3. Garbage Can Deodorizer: Mix 4 teaspoons Eucalyptus oil with 4 cups of baking soda. Store in an airtight plastic container. After cleaning garbage can and letting it dry, sprinkle a handful of mixture on the bottom.
  4. Homemade Air Freshener Spray: 2 cups hot water with 1/8 cup baking soda and 1/2 cup lemon juice, shake to dissolve and spray as needed.
  5. Crayon On Walls: Remove troublesome crayon scribbles from walls by making a paste with baking soda and water, then use it to gently scrub the crayon.
  6. Wood Stains: Remove water stains on wood surfaces by making a paste with a few drops of water. Rub into stain gently, then wipe off. Salt is another good alternative, although less gentle than baking soda.
  7. Curling Iron Cleaner: Clean sticky curling irons by scrubbing it clean with a paste made from baking soda and water.
  8. Marble & Granite Stains: Remove a stain from kitchen or bathroom countertops by first spraying the stains with water, then covering it completely with a paste made from baking soda and water (about the the consistency of sour cream). Cover the area with plastic wrap then allow to set for at least a full day– the baking soda will dry and pull up much of the stain.
  9. Toilet Bowl Cleaner & Freshener: Drizzle 1 cup baking soda into the toilet, topped with 1 cup vinegar. Allow to fizz for 10 minutes, and use a toilet brush to scrub toilet clean.
  10. Tile Grout Shine: Brighten clean up your tile grout by mixing 3 cups of baking soda and 1 cup of water. Use this thick paste to scrub grout clean with a sponge, leave for a few minutes, then rinse clean.
Kalei Munsell

Posted by Kalei Munsell

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