Part Replacements – We’re Here to Help!

So you bought an Epoch bunkbed many years ago but no you can't find the "thingamajig" that holds that one piece to that other piece? Well, we understand that over the years, things get lost in moves, dropped down vents, or otherwise pull a disappearing act.

Have no fear! If you ever find yourself needing part replacements for your Epoch Design furniture, just contact us! We're here to help. You can use our Instructions page to identify your model and missing parts, and then we can fix you up.

Just like we did for Peter, who lost a barrel nut for his McKenzie Bunkbed…

Peter (SOS): I bought one of your McKenzie bunkbeds a number of years ago (Costco) I have lost a part and was wondering if you may help. Part lost is insert (aluminum) screw set/peg.

Epoch: Please take a look at the McKenzie Bunkbed instructions online at our website and let me know specifically what parts you are missing and also your shipping address. I can then see based on items/weight if there will be a charge.

(There was no charge, BTW)

Peter (A-OK): Thank you so much. I did receive the barrel nut yesterday in the mail and really appreciate your quick response to my situation. The beds have been fantastic. Well made!

Alas, all is right in the Universe again!

laura weaver

Posted by laura weaver

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