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Whether you're looking for the right way to dress up your bed, or you're looking for an easy change, this is the guide for you. The versatility of an extravagant bed is endless, so let us show you how we'd create four drastically different looks using the same bed frame! We'll kick off our new series of decorating the same piece of furniture in a style for every taste with this gorgeous bed. From boldly fashionable to modern, and romantic to royal, here are easy ways to dress your bed up for the look you're after… {C}

Of course you can't get these gorgeous styles without the bed itself, so first choose a style of bed that'll fit all of the looks. For example, this dark wash platform bed is great for any bedroom– easily styled into a sophisticated modern or a girly whimsical look. The Pacifica Platform Bed, as shown on the right, is the perfect fit. You won't have to worry about the look of the bed frame looking outdated anytime soon, and it's the perfect match to all or our themes!

A bed fit for a king is an understatement in this case. If you're room is as royal as a palace, and as elegant as a ballroom, you want a bed to match! Deep reds, golds, and creams give off the look of a royal room. Customize the room with your own style by finding a bed that fits your look. Check out this Ralph Lauren bedding for the Venetian Tapestry style with a twist of animal print.

If you're style doesn't quite fit like a queen's, but you love the idea of a bold statement bed, this idea's for you. Black on black is a trending style with pops of white, so try it out for your own home! If you can step out of the box on bedroom decorating, you'll get huge results. For those of you who already have black and white based bedroom, this is a perfect idea to try out! This "Gardenia" bedding is the perfect way to create a sleek look out of a room (and the man of the house can't oppose). The deep black pops against the dark brown wood of the Pacifica bed, so pair the two for the daring fashion forward combination of black on brown.

Well, what if bold prints and trendy patterns don't exactly strike the look you're angling for? Well, here's a look you can't go wrong with! This girly bedding will set the mood in any room to a sweet romantic feel. We absolutely love the contrast between a light bedding and deep wood frame. The sleek shape of the bed complements the fluffy shape of the bedding, and gives the room an unexpected twist. With the room bedroom decor, the Georgina bedding could be stunning.

Last but not least, the modern trend is a great one to style any room with. The bed we picked out is perfect for showing off this style, because it's platform design allows a simple geometric look. Using cool colors like grays and blues will bring out the look of this contemporary theme and bring contrast with the bed. We like the Lacoste bedding to add a cool vibe to the room. The gradient looks amazing in lighter colored rooms with the dark wood bed.

We hope you found a way to dress your bed up according to your personality with this post. Stay tuned for more from this series, and let us know what you think in the comments below!

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