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Everyone knows that a bookcase serving a purely functional purpose is so last decade! Catch up with the times and double up your furniture's duty by creating a stylish statement instead. We'll show you exactly how to do this, several ways. First, we showed you how to give one bed four looks, and now here's the next in the series! Your bookcase should not only be the warm and cozy home to your favorite reads, but it should be a nice addition to your room. Don't let its boring looks hold back a bold theme or extravagant decor. Get the most out of the perfect bookcase and add a unique look to it all.

A trendy bookcase starts with a sturdy one, but finding a bookcase that'll last you years is harder than you'd think! Check out the Alexa Hardwood Bookcase for the perfect balance of classic style that can be tipped in any direction for a different look. And, with the option of a natural birch or white finish, you'll be able to find the perfect fit for the look you're going for.

For a fashionable edge on a simple shelf, experiment with wallpaper. Find a print that fits your room, whether it's bright, bold, whimsical, or elegant, it can make a statement in your room. By simply adhering it to the edge of the shelves, or back of the bookcase, you'll add an effortless look. No worries about overdoing your favorite pattern with this technique, but it'll still be a part of the furniture. Use a black/white floral pattern like this to create a gorgeous look against a white Alexa bookcase. It'll balance out the cutesy rounded edges with a harsher dark contrast to create a uniquely creative look no one will be able to replicate! For a less permanent alternative with the same look, place decorative scrapbook paper along the back wall of the shelves!

For those of you who prefer a more whimsical look to your bookcase, or if you just want to decorate for the younger crowd, here's another option! Instead of filling your bookcase with books, use storage baskets! Even if you were to fill the baskets with books, it gives the shelves a cutesy look that can be customized just by swapping out the organization tools. Find a few baskets of different sizes to mix and match with your decor for an intentional unorganized look!

The items you display in a bookcase should mean something to you, so why not reminisce about that family trip to Hawaii last summer every time you enter the hallway? Fill your shelves with photos of loved ones and homemade photo decor. Of course, we all love the idea of personalizing each part of our home with a dear memory! Fill them with scrapbooks, souvenirs, frames, or anything else you can think of!

Last but not least, create a modern depth by simply painting the inside of the bookcase a color a few shades darker than the walls of the room. This will add a designer feel to the room and create the illusion of a large, deep shelf. This can fit any style and any room, but won't overpower other decor. This style especially stands out with the lighter colored bookcases like we suggested earlier!

Keep an eye out for more in the four looks series, and let us know what you think about our ideas in the comments below!

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