Make the Most of Your Storage Spaces

The closet is probably the hardest place in a bedroom to keep organized…No matter how many times we clean and re-clean it, they always seem to go back to their original messy state. Frustrating as it can be, we try and try again, but believe it or not, there are actually a few ways to keep it clean and organized, and we’re gonna share these secrets with you!

Some of the most easily used and accessible parts of a closet often go unused by most people! For example, the back of your closet door is the perfect place to hang extra clothes if space is needed, keep a shoe organizer, or hang accessories like scarves or jewelry! Just look for hanging organizers that fit your needs, and they will make your life a ton easier. Another space in the closet that most people don’t think about use is behind the racks of clothing. This is the perfect area to add coat-hook racks that can double as hangers for belts and scarves. If there isn’t enough room for a full row of hooks, stick-on utility hooks are perfect for use in those tight spots, allowing you to use every last inch of your back wall!

The biggest closet culprit we’ve noticed are those messy drawers; well all have them! From experience, nothing will completely solve this problem, but drawer organizers definitely do help! One like this is perfect for separating socks and underwear, or t-shirts and tanks. Removable canvas organizers are a cheaper alternative. They will save you time when you frustratingly dig through your entire drawer (I’ll admit, I did that this morning!).

Also, wasting space with big puffy winter jackets and snow boots in the middle of summer is something we’re all guilty of, too. During your seasonal clean up, put those unused items in cardboard boxes and store them on the top shelf! It will save you tons of room and keep you on top of things.

And finally, we recommend using clear jewelry trays to save time – no more rummaging through the box all morning. Decorative napkin holders are also useful for holding thinner things like wallets, and they look cute on a desk as well!

Kalei Munsell

Posted by Kalei Munsell

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