Introducing – The Very Best Dog Bed in the World

Dogs have always been a big part of Epoch Design. On any given day you will encounter between 2 to 8 dogs at the office. So when testing new dog bed designs it can be easy to find participants but difficult to find consensus. Well after many tweeks and modifications, that process is what we think is a big part of us having crafted the best dog bed in the world. We are currently calling it the Modeno Deluxe Pet Bed, since it goes so well with our Modeno Bedroom Collection (for humans) but we are likely going to change the name soon.

Coffee Dog Storage Bed with Camel cushion

Our dog bed is built from solid wood, Radiata in this case, and uses the same craftsman techniques that we use in our human furniture. The ultra convenient storage drawer is solidly constructed using English dovetail joinery and featuring premium glides. The bed features wood slats that provide your dog with the proper amount of support and under mattress ventilation. The foam mattress has been deemed very comfortable by all of our Epoch Pack.

                   Coffee Dog bed storage open               Natural Dog Storage Bed with Drawer Open and Cushion Off              Coffee Dog Storage Bed Drawer        Natural Dog Storage Bed with Camel Cushion

Available in two colors (coffee and natural) and with 3 cushion color options (slate, cream, and camel) we know you'll be able to find one that fits your home and your dog. Let us know if you agree with us that this is the best dog bed in the world!

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