Get Your Dog Off the Bed… with a Pet Bed!

Calling all canine fanatics and puppy lovers! How many of you keep your precious pup in the bed with you? According to the National Hartz Survey, 48% of pet owners say their pet sleeps on their bed. Some people find a warm furry companion by their side all night very comforting, but research indicates there are many downsides to sleeping with Fido…

Of course, dogs aren’t exactly the soundest sleepers! Dealing with the constant movement and snoring may be tolerable to some but not everyone. What’s more, studies also show that raising your dog to the same level as you while sleeping may give him a reason to act as your equal. They think by sleeping on the same surface as you, they have the right to the same authority, and well, who is the boss?  In some cases this results in acting up.  In addition, by having your pet in the same bed as you, the risks of obtaining parasites such as fleas or coming into contact with other harmful bacteria from your pet’s last romp around the yard are increased.

Of course, the alternative isn’t necessarily to make your pet sleep on the cold hard floor — the solution is a comfortable and attractive pet bed! Check out these cozy pet beds to spoil your pooch.

Kalei Munsell

Posted by Kalei Munsell

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