Furniture for a Lifetime – A Testimonial

Laura, a lifelong fan and customer of Epoch Design, was kind enough to share with us her experience with Epoch Design. Her story, and the countless other stories we hear like it, remind us that by making furniture built for a lifetime we are doing the right thing.


I finally fully assembled the bunk bed and it's fantastic. I had a hunch that it would be, as I have been an Epoch by Design fan for a really long time. I thought you might enjoy my story of how I became interested in the bunk bed, so I thought I'd write you this note. I'm 28, so when I was a kid (sometime in the 90s), my parents bought a lakehouse in northern Michigan, and they furnished the kids' rooms with a bunk bed. I thought it was the coolest bunk bed in the world, as it made vacation more fun. It was a McKenzie bunkbed in Birch finish, which they had found a Costco and I remember helping them assemble it. I bought a house a few years ago, and for a while I rented out my extra bedroom to friends. But when I decided not to do that anymore, I decided to furnish it as a guest bedroom with single beds or a bunk bed since they are more flexible for multiple guests. Since I live very close to Disney World, I never knew how popular I was until my friends and family on vacation started asking to stay with me and bring all their kids with them. I love how the McKenzie bunkbed can unbunk and look like a single bed as an alternate configuration, so after several months of online shopping I decided to buy the exact same bunk bed (except in a Coffee finish) that my parents had when I was a kid. The bunk beds you sell are really unique since they can be good adult single beds as well because they have a nice clean style. I bought it from Costco online and it was delivered. When it arrived, it had a defect in the stain, so I looked up the website of Epoch by Design, called and sent a photo of the defect, and they sent me a new piece to replace the one with the damage. It was really simple, and great customer service. Since then I've furnished the rest of my bedrooms from your website with the Modeno set, one of the dressers, and some nightstands. When I saw this bunk bed come up online, I thought it was a great idea as this way I have a "bunk room" that has two matching bunk beds. I think your business concept of giving away returned goods as a sweepstakes is a really great idea and I'm happy to have the extra beds!

Thank you!


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laura weaver

Posted by laura weaver

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