DIY: Framed Flowers

Looking for a cute weekend activity with the kids? Or maybe you’re just craving another DIY project to add to your home. Either way, here’s the perfect craft! Framed flowers are a timeless adorable look that can be achieved at home! If you have little munchkins around 6-10, they’ll love having arts and crafts time with you. Show them exactly how fun being resourceful can be, and how it pays off in home décor! Create an elegant look to match your rustic decor, or a whimsical bright accent to your little girl’s bedroom. Either way, these custom framed pressed flowers can’t be done wrong!


  • Thick Books (or Flower Press)
  • Flowers (leaves, grasses, etc. optional)
  • Frames
  • White or neutral colored cardboard
  • Latex adhesive (or clear plastic adhering spray)
  • A little patience

To get the cute and artsy look of framed pressed flowers, this is all you’ll need! The bright colors can add a beautiful pop to any room, they make great gifts, and it’s fun for the whole family to help out on!

What to do:

  1. Cut the plant material you wish to press on a dry day (preferably not anything moist)
  2. Place the plants in between a couple pieces of blotting paper or wax paper, then inside a heavy book or flower presser. If using a book, position it under a chair cushion or mattress (or under a pile of other books).
  3. Leave the plants there for a minimum of two weeks (this may vary depending on the weather and plants, but quick checks never hurt).
  4. Cut the cardboard to fit your frame (outline the border with a pencil).
  5. After the plants are dry and flattened, position them on the cardboard in the design you desire.
  6. Secure your design with a light layer of adhesive (be careful on this step because the plants will be extremely delicate).
  7. Once the glue has dried completely, add the cardboard in the frame and secure as instructed.
  8. Enjoy your unique framed flower, and place it somewhere to be admired by visitors 🙂

Share your favorite DIY project in the comments below, whether it’s for the kids or just to show off your artsy self!

Kalei Munsell

Posted by Kalei Munsell

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