Dakota Bunk Bed – A Product Spotlight

We want to put a little spotlight on the Dakota Bunk Bed today and take a closer look at this product and all that it has to offer. One of our more popular collections, the Dakota is a stylish set that is built to last.

Dakota Twin Over Full Bunkbed - Cute, white bed with wainscoting

First off, the Dakota bunk bed is only available in white. White really works well with the classic styling and the wainscotting. It is a great combination and we haven't gotten many request for this style bed in a different color. The white finish is a multicoat non toxic laquer that holds up pretty well to scuffs and dings. 

This particular bunk bed is made of a different type of wood than our other bunk beds. While most of our beds are made of birch or beech, this bed is made of rubberwood. Rubberwood (Hevea brasiliensis) is an eco-friendly option that is harvested from trees that no longer produce rubber. Though the name makes it sound soft (and rubbery), rubberwood is a hardwood and a great material for furniture. One of the best qualities of rubberwood is that it is not prone to shrinkage and therefore not prone to cracking or warping. With the hardwood to hardwood connections that we use in our beds, rubberwood helps make this bunk bed ultra safe and durable. We test this bed (and all of our beds) to far exceed the regulations and standards in place. We have had two full grown men bouncing on the top bunk with no problem.

We've had many customers let us know how much they love the Dakota bunk bed. They tend to get the additional trundle bed option for it as well. Some great kids room designs we've seen around this set include a nautical themed room, a circus room, and a ballerina room. Think of white as a blank canvas that can go with pretty much anything.

The Dakota bunk bed has been one of our most popular options since we introduced it. People have really responded well to the design and to the signature Epoch Design construction. We really believe that there isn't a better combination of eco-friendly materials, craftsman construction, beautiful styling, affordable pricing, and amazing customer service out there.

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