Create the Perfect Guest Bedroom

The warmest way to welcome a guest to your home is to make them feel comfortable! Learn how to turn a practical study room into a stylish bedroom when needed, or just design a cozy room in general. We'll share a few of our tips that'll keep your guest from wanting to leave!

Perhaps the most obvious way to create a warm and homey bed that doubles as your comfy day couch is a convertible futon. This is perfect for those unplanned visits. Find futons that come in a variety of sizes and colors so you can choose between twin, love, full, or queen sized comfort that matches your already existing decor.

If you have the room to spare, a desk like this is a perfect addition. It doubles as a dressing table and a work desk for you or your guest. This keeps your room functional with or without visitors.

Neutral colors are great for guest rooms, and really any room in general. By using light creams, beiges, and whites, you won't offend any furniture (or people for that matter). We recommend keeping the walls and comforter a pale color, and using brighter accents like throw pillows and quilts to create some color anchors.

The little things are what your guests will remember, so add a bouquet of fresh picked backyard flowers, and a quaint clock for that bed-and-breakfast feel! For an unexpected twist of furniture arrangement, pull it away from the wall for groupings. Add an ottoman in the center for a makeshift nightstand.

We hope these quick tips have given you inspiration for the perfect guest bedroom! Show us what you came up with on our Facebook page!

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