Clean up everybody everywhere, everybody do your share!

The best way to get your kids to clean up is to keep them interested in it! If you put together a fun way to organize their toys, they’ll be excited to do it! Start with a fun organizer like this one, and build on from there. All you need is a simple system of bins and drawers to separate and put away toys, and a little creativity…

Labels are important to avoid the gradual shift from placing the right toys in the right drawers, to throwing random items anywhere they’re hidden from Mom and Dad. If the kids aren’t old enough to read yet, just label the drawers with pictures.  Have them draw their own version of “stuffed animals” or “action figures” so they’ll remember it easily. This is a fun weekend activity anyway! Now if your kids can, or are starting to read, labels are good practice! Try using something more whimsical than basic handwriting –instead try using scrabble letters to label and separate the drawers!

If cleanup time still isn’t fun enough, you can always revert to some good, old fashioned tried and true favorites like gold stars. Hang a fun cartoon calendar on the playroom wall or bulletin board, and for each day the room is completely clean, add a sticker. Once you reach a certain amount of stickers/days, reward your crew with ice cream for dinner (ok…ok… at least for dessert)! There are plenty of simple ways to include your kids during cleanup time, and we hope this helps keep your rooms just a little more tidy!

Do you have other good kid clean-up strategies to share? If so, we’d love to hear what works in your busy household!

Kalei Munsell

Posted by Kalei Munsell

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