Bedroom Decorating Tips

Bedroom Decorating TipsFor some people, decorating a room comes naturally. The colors, patterns, and decor just pop into their head and it magically transforms into a gorgeous room! If you’re one of those lucky people, we’re all jealous! If not, we’re here to help! Study up on the styling tips and tricks we’ll show you here, and you’ll be a master room designer in no time!

Walls: Don’t be afraid to use bold colors and patterns! Brighten up the room with walls that’ll give you a little pick-me-up on those bluer days. Use the same primary hue for each pattern, but mix them up! Try using stripes with floral, geometric patterns with plaid, it’ll all end up looking chic if they’re matched correctly! Using cool colors will give you maximum relaxation while a warmer palette will be a great “welcome home!”

Windows: Windows are a great excuse for stylish draped accessories, but don’t forget to plan for privacy? If you’re staring right into your neighbors bedroom in the middle of the night, something’s wrong! Add an opaque curtain beneath your favorite sheer one, or simply add blinds or shutters. Compromise between fashionable and practical for the perfect combination!

Mirrors: Not only are they a dramatic fashion statement, but they’re great for a small room. Mirrors reflect light creating the illusion of the bigger room! Hang a few oversized framed mirrors above your bed for a high fashion look that’ll work wonders!

Bed: Turn your headboard into the focus of the room with a bright pattern and cushy texture. The more dramatic, the better! For another eye-catching option try adding a canopy or bed curtains, it’ll give off the ultimate girly vibe.

Furniture: Combine the most fashionable items and most versatile to achieve maximum potential for the room! Use a cute cushy ottoman (like this one) for guests to lounge on or to use as a game table during slumber parties! Desks are another great idea, they double as a work space and a vanity!

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