Bedroom Bubbles

Every little girl and boy loves to play with bubbles when they're young. There's just something so inviting about the clear domes of soapy water that can entertain for hours! You can't touch them, you can't eat them, so why are they so great? Just the feeling of a light-as-air bubble floating around seems magical, so why not add that same feeling to a bedroom? This time around, we've created a fun and playful bedroom look that takes on the same feeling as your kid's favorite pastime– bubbles! Keep on reading to get this fun bedroom decor that can be adapted from the younger kids to teens!

To give your bubbly bedroom a base to work off of, you'll first need to pick the colors of the wall. Bubbles are perfect for a wide variety of bedrooms because this theme will work with any color between white and bright blue! This is completely up for personalization– white will give a clean and bright look to the room white a brighter blue will give great contrast to the rest of the decor! To add a little something different to the walls, we're gonna give you another great tip that will really bring the bubble theme to life– find circle mirrors like the ones shown above and place these around the room in a pattern that's likely to be seen as bubbly! We not only love the playful effect this gives the room, but the mirrors also brighten things up and make the room's floorspace itself seem larger than it is! Whether you want to use these mirrors all over the room, or just a select few, it completely changes the look!

Now that your walls have the life of a bubble, time to get started with the furniture! We think white would look gorgeous against any shade of blue, so check out the Dakota collection for a girly take on this theme! Against brighter teals like our example picture, the white furniture will pop and bring out the best of the room. If you've picked a lighter blue, or even white, the Dakota bed will blend right in bringing a softer look! There's no way to go wrong with white furniture in a bedroom like this!

Now to finish the bed off, you'll want to find the perfect bubble bed set. We found two great options for you, depending on how you want your bedroom to look. The first is a bright multicolored bedding that will bring a new color into the bedroom, giving it more dimension! Now another way to go if you want a more toned down look, is a pastel bubble themed bedding that will add just the right amount of color– here's a great one!

Now for the fun part that will give your bedroom the exact look you want– decorations! This Capiz floor lamp is the perfect addition to the room, with it's great layered circle effect! We love the look of this lit-up floor chandelier, and it fits the theme exactly. If a floor lamp isn't your style, check out the chandelier, or desk lamp instead to give the same look. To add another element to the room, find a bubble/dome clock. This will really tie everything together, but give it a more retro feel at the same time.

There are a million different ways to make this bedroom creative, so just keep playing around with it! Comment below if you tried out this playful look, and let us know how you like it! 🙂

Kalei Munsell

Posted by Kalei Munsell

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