DIY Wallpaper Tree

With the peak of spring in the air, and all this sunshine starting to spread, we're sure a lot of you are in the mood for a creative change of scenery! After searching high and low for some new spring DIY projects for you guys, we came across this adorable idea of a wallpaper tree! We love these cutesy crafts that can be achieved at home, so we couldn't turn down a tutorial to create this one. This do-it-yourself wall decor is sure to get some stop and stares from guests, and a million questions on how to do it. If you have any leftover wallpaper scraps, this is the perfect opportunity to transform a blank wall into your personal masterpiece. Now as complicated as it might look, this is actually a super easy project that anyone can pull off, so for the quicky instructions on achieving this unique look, keep reading!

  1. Use the photo we provided up here, or another similar design to sketch the basic outline of a whimsical cartoon-like tree trunk on the back side of your wallpaper. This will be easier if you practice first on butcher paper, but make sure you choose the wallpaper that you want your trunk to be. Once the shape of your tree trunk is exactly what you want, cut it out and lay it flat.
  2. With the same wallpaper that you used before, draw out various shaped branches to add on to your trunk (follow the model of our photo if that makes it easier). Draw out a group of three limbs for the top of the tree as well. When you're satisfied, cut out the shapes.
  3. Use ready-made wallpaper paste to apply these cut out sheets to the wall where you want them. For a detailed post on applying wallpaper click here.
  4. As the tree dries, use various colored wallpaper scraps to cut out leaves. We recommend cutting out at least 60, then pasting them on as if they were sprouting from the branches. Use our photo as a guideline for where to place the leaves.

Now with these 4 easy steps, you have a one-of-a-kind wallpaper design that'll catch the eye of anyone passing through! Add one of these to a kid's bedroom, bathroom, or just a fun playroom! Let us know how your wallpaper tree turned out, and share pictures with us below!

Kalei Munsell

Posted by Kalei Munsell

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