An Ode to the Sonoran Desert – #WhatWeWouldWantWednesday


Having spent this last weekend in Phoenix, cacti and red rocks are still on the brain. This Southwestern styling is extremely popular right now and can be a great motif to update your home.We had looked at the Spanish Colonial homes in Colombia before and because the Spanish at one point also colonized Arizona, there are many similarities. But there are differences too, as Arizona's style draws heavily from the Native American cultures – such as the Navajo – that had been there before the Spaniard arrived.

One of the more popular aspects of the Southwestern style right now is the geometric patterns that are prevelent in Navajo fabrics. This pattern works great for bedding, drapes, table cloths, or even shower curtains.


Turqoise happens to be one of the hottest colors right now and it is a color that was prominent in Arizona. Turqoise drawer pulls (like these found at Anthropologie) would be an excellent accent in a room.

Drawer pulls with turqoise - would love for my hutch project!!

Here in Washington we are surrounded by evergreens. While those were rare in Phoenix there was an abundance of cacti and desert succulents. And while the word cactus usually brings a particular image to mind, there are so many varieties that they you are bound to find one that appeals to you. Create a beautiful indoor display like the one found at the Mrs. Fancee design blog.

mini cacti garden

With it still being winter but the themometer reading 90 degrees, a pool is a great thing to have. But, maintenance of a pool as well as heavy water use are concerns. A desert scape backyard is simple but beautiful and best of all it requires very little water. Check out the cool backyard below (found on

Arizona patio /  Zero-scape / two chairs at high-noon, waiting for somebody to say

We used a Southwestern decor scheme for our McKenzie Loft Bed pictures. The light wood goes well with the bolder colors and the decor works well for kids as well as adults.

Natural Birch McKenzie Hardwood Study Loft Bed

As you see, the Southwestern design is versatile and can work for any room in your house. Give it a shot to inject some bold colors and patterns into your home. Have fun designing!

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