Minecraft Bedroom Decor Mood Board – Kids Room Interior Design

Released in 2011, Minecraft has gained fervent followers and millions of obsessed people. It's easy to see the appeal too. Minecraft is a whole open world that allows you to build whatever you'd like out of 3 dimensional blocks. The possibilities seem only limited to your imagination. As with all of our mood boards, this interior design plan strives to incorporate our theme (Minecraft) into a well designed room. The key features that we would use in a Minecraft room are the pixelated bedspread and the Flor tile rug that lets you "build" the flooring in your room. We also love many of the stylized posters you can find on sites like Etsy. And for any builders in your life, we are currently having a design contest. Minecraft furniture designs are welcomed.


We'd definitely pair this room with a Modeno storage bed. The styling is squarish and it also allows for amazing space saving and storage capabilities. Keep the ground clutter free!

Modeno Full Storage Bed

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