5 Colorful Tips

Colorless rooms are the biggest culprit for a boring home environment. Although whites, neutrals, and nudes can be great statement accents in color schemes, they shouldn't always swallow the entire room. We love the look of white furniture, walls, and decor as long as it isn't overwhelming. This is something a lot of people don't consider when they buy completely white furniture for a bare white room, but no worries! We'll show you how to turn your boring hotel-style room into a statement of bold color choices, here are our tips for curing the look of a plain white room by adding a pop of color….

  1. Start with your basics. A blank canvas of white and neutrals will look boring on it's own but with these tips will create a style statement ready to be swapped out at any time!
  2. If you still have an open mind to paint the room, accent walls are a great simple solution. Use a bright color or wallpaper to replace one of your boring cliched walls, and it'll immediately give the room a stylish edge.
  3. Paint doesn't always have to go on one of the 4 blank walls. Try using a brighter color/wallpaper on the inside of a closet or even bookcase! Bright colors will give the room a fun twist, or for a more classic look just use a few shades darker than the wall color already occupying the room to create depth.
  4. For those of you who fell in love with your new accent pillow or bright knitted quilt, play the entire room off it! Instead of trying to match the pattern, use the dominant color to brighten up other areas of the room with smaller decorations, like flowers!
  5. 60-30-10. Remember it, and use it to balance out the right amount of color in a room. Each percentage represents a different color in the scheme, if you stick to the right proportions you should be able to decorate a room in any manor of colors without going overboard!
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