DIY Air Fresheners

Making a room smell good shouldn’t always be left up to chemicals in commercial brand products. Sometimes you just gotta think outside of the box a little, and come up with your own solution! From coming up with your own spritzer, to simple things left out on the counter, here are a few ideas for getting rid of unpleasant odors in any room and replacing them!

  • The classic bake anything trick is great to do in the winter. It warms up your house and makes it smells like fresh yummy cookies! Plus you have a little snack afterwards!
  • For the hot summer days when turning the oven on just isn’t worth the A/C bill, lemonade is a great substitute! The lemon (and mint if added) cleans out odor in the air, and you’ll have a refreshing drink to cool down with!
  • Simmering different spices and peels are a great way to make the house smell nice and cozy. In the winter, use a vanilla bean or cinnamon stick! During the warmer months try different fruit, or just the skin of it!
  • Of course Fresh Flowers will give your room a heavenly floral smell. If you place them in front of a window or fan (on low of course), the smell will flow through the entire house!
  • Vinegar is a great substitute to odor eliminators. Spritz it around the room or leave a dish out to soak up all the bad smells!
  • Mixing your own combination of essential oils will give you the smell you create. If you like warm and musky, go for it! Fruity and fresh? Perfect for summer! Just mix them in an empty spray bottle and spritz away!
So with these ideas for freshening up your home, we hope it helps keep it nice and homey! 
Kalei Munsell

Posted by Kalei Munsell

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