1980’s Totally Rad Mood Board – Neon, Retro Interior Decor

Much like Taylor Swift, the story of Epoch Design dates all the way back to the late 80's – 1987 to be exact. Things sure looked different back in the 80's. This latest mood board draws interior design inspiration from that magical time of bad perms, huge boomboxes, checkered Van's, and neon colors. This decor would look great in a room for someone nostalgic about the 80's or for a kid who is experiencing all of this style explosion for the first time.


We'd pair this far out style with some white bedroom furniture like our Seneca Bunk Bed in white.

White Seneca Twin Over Full Bunkbed

The Seneca Bunk Bed

Seneca White Nightstand

The Seneca Nightstand

Gabriel Natural Birch Nightstand

Oh hey look a Rubik's Cube!

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