Forecasting the Top Design Trends of 2015

Design Trends

If 2014 was the year of Chevron patterns and deer antlers then what will 2015 look like? We take a look at what we foresee (although we’d have thought flying cars would be around by now).

We’ve already seen a move from Native American design to African inspired design over the last year. This will likely continue through 2015 but become expanded upon. What this means is that when the trend first started getting popular you would see a lot of tribal masks and zebra prints on everything. It is going to get a more toned down look and you will see the influence more incorporated into modern design sensibility.

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A trend that has been continuously growing over the last few years, and one that we are really excited about, is an emphasis on quality. People are more aware than ever as consumers and they are able to differentiate between high quality, well built pieces and cheaply made products that will only last a year. We’ve gotten calls from potential customers asking about our mortise and tenon joinery and people are asking if we use English Dovetail joinery or French (we use English)!


As far as colors go, we’ll still see some carryover from 2014. Turquoise is still going to be popular, gray isn’t going away. What we may see, though, is that black is going to decrease in popularity. Black in interior design seems to be a color that gets really popular but then goes away fairly quickly. People tend to grow tired of really dark walls much faster than light walls.

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Efficiency is a trend that is going to be here for the long haul too. There is the tiny home movement that is pushing this to extremes. Those same efficient designs that help a family of four live in a 200 square foot home can help your home to be more space efficient as well. We are seeing an increase in loft bunk beds being used and storage beds as well. People are seeking out a more efficient use of space in their home.

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Digital integration: Everything is connected now. Our TV’s have internet access, our computers can control the thermostat, our phones can do practically anything. But now the problem is all of that digital clutter. Furniture that integrates technology seamlessly into its design is a trend we foresee. What is the purpose of all of these clean modern lines in furniture if we have a bunch of cords dangling off of them? Furniture built now has to take into account our modern lifestyles.

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And here is a tip that may be obvious to you or might just blow your mind. The trends in children’s room décor are usually based off of what was just popular in adult interior design. So what you are already starting to see is the art deco movement being brought into the kids rooms. So that means gold is going to be the big color in kids rooms in 2015 and also some cool geometric shapes used in children’s interior design.

Purple and Gold Matryoshka Russian Nesting Doll Nursery. Beautiful!

A new year is always excited with all of the possibilities that are out there. We hope your 2015 is EPIC and your home design EPOCH.

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